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A well-organized blog can be a powerful SEO tool.  Frequent posting of articles adds a freshness factor to your website that is valued by Google and other search engines.  Blog articles can also add great value to your website content when they include high quality and unique content.

Blogs are an incredibly effective broadcast tool for the web.  Anyone can publish today and easily reach a global audience. Blogs can also be online journals or diaries. Because our designs are totally custom creations for each website we design, you can have your own blog exactly the way you want it,  colors, fonts, pictures, layout - it's all up to you.  For example you can record daily changes in your garden or monitor bird life in your neighborhood.  You can create a custom travel record or report on a subject that is important to you.

Blogs can be set up for multiple authors and you can manage their access to your 'community' blog and  levels of publishing authority. You decide to allow comments or not.  You can also publish without any comments.  Your administrative dashboard enables you to work on articles and publish them when you are ready to go public.  At anytime you can choose to change, hide or turn off a blog article - and it still stays in the database for future publishing.  You can easily add pictures and videos to your blog anytime you want.

Publish articles with photos and videos as content! When you combine a proper website promotion strategy with web development and optimization, you will get "Top Listings" on Major Search Engines, bring More Visitors to Your Website, turn Your Visitors into Customers and keep them coming Back for More! Now stop panicking about promoting your services and products over Internet.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is the process of posting feedback or comments in blog posts in order to get referral traffic and increase search engine rankings of sites. Our blog commenting service involves posting comments in various blogs. When the comments are approved they will be publicly visible and only the approved blog comments will be available to the search engines for indexing and tracking links. Blog comments are the lifeblood of a blog. Comments are what separates a blog from a static website. As the conversation builds, so will your relationship with your readers and so will your blog's popularity. Encourage your readers to join in the discussion and leave comments and respond promptly to the comments left by your readers to make them feel valued. Just as you don't like to be ignored when you address someone in person, you don't want to ignore your readers when they address you through a blog.

Why Comment on Blogs? Commenting on blogs will almost certainly get you at least a brief once-over from the writer, and consistent contributions are a proven way to build relationships with bloggers. That participation can also yield awareness and branding to the blog's audience, at least those who are consistent comment readers and interactors. Depending on the blog/sector and your goals, this can be a very positive marketing move.

Our blog design service offers you more than just a custom made blog. You will receive priceless guidance and personal service that you will not be able to get elsewhere. We work in a variety of different environments from Joomla, Blogger, LiveJournal and more!

  • Design and implementation of your existing brand
  • Creation of one to five landing pages.
  • Contact form
  • Training session to learn how to maintain your blog.
  • Email account setup and forwarding
  • Analytics
  • Optional "Standard Website Hosting"
  • Optional "Search Engine Optimization Package"
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Looking for the best Joomla web design company? You found it. If you are looking for a professional, high quality, results driven web development team to ensure that your web project is a success, then look no further. Webnet 101's dedicated team of web designers, programmers and marketing professionals work seamlessly to deliver dynamic websites with stunning, functional, and above all - BEAUTIFUL!

* From the client: “Very impressed with vids and shots they are ideal. I will keep in contact for revised shots as necessary.”

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to design packages only. Once you approve a design and ask for further revisions then the Money Back Guarantee becomes void. However you still qualify for 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that we will keep on working on your design until you are satisfied.

We are so confident of our skills and design quality that we provide a Money Back Guarantee in case we fail to deliver. Money Back Guarantee is provided in good faith and we expect our customers to exhibit the same.

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