Aerial Video Services

Aerial Video Services


Looking to get a Real Estate Video Tour? What are Video Tours? A video tour is a simulation of a commercial real estate property, composed of a sequence of videos or still images. Video Tours can contain other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.  Our Video Tours are around 2 minutes in length.  Studies show once you exceed two minutes, viewers abandon the video far earlier than they would have if the video had been shorter — never making it to your contact information.  Drones take your Video Tour to new heights! Combining aerial shots with ground level footage will ensure your video tour will provide the best overall perspective of the property. Our Video Tours are the perfect solution for marketing your commercial or luxury real estate listings. Video Tours help to generate qualified leads for your property. This reduces the vacant time of your property.  Our Video Tours not only tell the story of the property, but also the surrounding neighborhood and city. Video Tours capture your visitor’s attention with  powerful digital media that leaves a lasting impression. Our Video Tours are the next best thing to being there.

The need for unique and captivating imagery, in today's competitive landscape, is very important for real estate companies. It is now a proven fact that through the use of aerial videos, real estate sells up to 80% faster than just viewing pictures of the listing online. Buyers want to see an aerial view of their potential new property before buying. Aerial photography can illustrate in just a few seconds the important factors like proximity to lakes, schools, walking tracks, bus routes, malls, and give you the general feel and layout of an area very quickly. Real Estate Aerial Videos can showcase property instantly in a way that static images cannot come close to! Drone videos now make it much easier for for real estate agents to sell a property according to the needs of their clients. Video Tours allows you to point out the commercial real estate property’s best features or communicate any special information. Our Video Tours also include features that make the neighborhood popular with buyers. These might include parks, recreational areas, or nearby shopping and dining districts. They can take an aerial video and post it to an online website and simply send the video link via email to their clients.

Luxury Sellers and Buyers expect more. When it comes to your marketing materials, quality is key. You can’t position yourself as a high-end agent if your materials look unsophisticated.  First-rate brochures, high-quality and professional photos are not enough. Take the content you already have, and let us convert it into Video Tours. Effective and professional virtual video tours will enhance a real estate listing thought the addition of video, photography, graphics and music. Get results today! Showcase the uniqueness of your residential or business property with a open house video tour. Expose your property to a wider audience. 

We can give you a set of aerial photographs of the commercial property for sale that will better describe the size of the building, the extent of the land and even the size of the car park; a complete overview of the commercial property in fact. The aerial photographs can show all of the facilities on the site including access roads, boundaries, loading bays and can even show the state of the roof. A professionally shot aerial photograph greatly enhances the appearance of a commercial property making it much more attractive to potential clients. Webnet 101 aerial video service works closely with each client, making them feel like part of the team. Let Webnet 101 put you in the Directors chair and make your vision become reality. Get a custom quote on your next commercial aerial video.


Drones are used in a vast range of applications including:

  • Real Estate & Commercial 
  • Construction companies
  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Cultural buildings
  • Property developers
  • Agriculture 
  • Construction site aerial photography and video
  • Drone Roof Survey. Aerial Building Inspection
  • Cost effective roof surveys. Aerial building, chimney, spire and tower inspections using video and photography.
  • Aerial Drone Survey of Cattle - Livestock
  • Aerial event photography and HD video
  • Fireworks Drone Footage
  • Travel, tourism & sports aerial drone photography
  • Aerial video, Golf Clubs
  • Events
  • Weddings

Top 10 Reasons why you should use UAV's

  1. Property professionals are starting to grasp the benefits of using UAV drones to film or photograph property. Certainly with large countryside estates, commercial properties where the operation of drones is less restricted, Drones are an ideal tool to film and photograph with.
  2. There are many reasons and benefits of using highly mobile and elevated camera platforms.
  3. Drones can be placed or flown anywhere.
  4. Drones can film – as opposed to just providing aerial stills. A “movie” especially when set to music can be a highly emotive tool for showing the beauty of any property and its grounds.
  5. Filming with drones provides great perspective and a sense of space – very important when marketing any propery.
  6. Agents, managers and property owners need to use the best tools possible to show their property. With the huge increase of mobile devices with broadband connections, video is the best form of media to engage the user.
  7. Drone use is novel. We find that many viewers of our films enjoy the footage from an entertainment point of view and very much enjoy seeing real estate from a bird’s eye perspective. These videos have the ability to be more viral as viewers are more likely to share on social media than when there are still photographs or ground based footage.
  8. Drone use is very cost effective. With filming packages starting at $199 it's money well spent. Being much cheaper than a helicopter and far more intimate, drones can fly very close to buildings capturing detail in a dramatic way.We can fly over, around and close to properties subject to the rules below.
  9. Our aircraft can stay airborne for 27 minutes – we normally operate several flights for each project.
  10. Our camera is capable of taking 4k HD video and 12 megapixel photographs. We can switch between video & photo during flight.

Prices & Booking

Costs can vary according to the complexity of the project so the following are guideline prices. We provide a fixed price quote for all work:

One Time Fee
Up to 25 Images
Upload to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo
Basic- a single flight from $199 including a minimum of 20 still photos.
Standard: 4 x 15 min flights from $300 including minimum of 80 still photos and / or unedited video clips.
Aerial mapping from $400 (dependent on area to be mapped).
Edited video from $199
Ground photography from $199 half-day on site.
Ground video from $199 half-day on site.
Stock footage from $50 per clip.

Post flight – video & photo editing 

Basic photo processing is included in the cost. We can also create panorama type images if required (a series of photos stitched together). Video editing is available for an extra charge.  So whatever it is that you need an aerial drone photography of, give us a call for a competitive quote.

Ready to get started?  

* Operating to strict safety procedures, Webnet 101's first priority is the safety of the public and staff on all of our shoots.

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