Emergency Web Design Work

Emergency Web Design Work

Have an emergency going on with your Joomla website? A broken Joomla site? Malware? Viruses? Webnet 101 Web Design is fully capable of doctoring up your broken Joomla site and getting it up and running quick. We even offer rush services if you need your broken Joomla website fixed like yesterday. Click here to contact us with a description of your Joomla website emergency and we’ll get back to you with an estimate today.

For those times where something critical on your website isn't working, Webnet 101 Web Design offers emergency website design services.

It is very difficult to find a knowledgeable web designer who is willing to help solve your existing website issues, especially if your website was designed by someone else.

When an important aspect of your small business website is not functioning correctly and you need help ASAP, contact me, tell me your issue, and I'll let you know if I think I can help.

Some examples of website emergencies I've dealt with include:

  • Your web designer has abandoned you and you really need changes done ASAP.
  • Your current web designer is no longer able/willing to support your website and you need help moving your website to a new hosting company.
  • Your website contact form doesn't work.
  • Your website has disappeared from the web, but you have all of the files and need your website restored as soon as possible.
  • Your website designer has made a recent update and broken your site, and now the designer is unavailable to fix it.
  • You're a web designer who wants help solving a particularly challenging issue.

Emergency website consulting is billed at $150 per hour with a one hour minimum. Prepayment of first hour minimum is required. Due to the highly diverse nature of website-related technical issues, there is no guarantee that I'll be able to resolve your issue, but I'll certainly do my best. Website emergency service availability is dependent upon current workload conditions. (For clients who have had their websites designed by Webnet 101 Web Design and need assistance, please see my maintenance page. )

Webnet 101 offers website technical support, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance for every type of website, regardless if we built your site or not.

Generally, standard website tech support and maintenance issues can be completed within 48 hours, and Webnet 101 offers emergency tech support and maintenance which can usually be completed within a few hours.

If your website needs software upgrades, new company email addresses created, has problems with individual pages loading or if your site is recieving any other type of website, internet or hosting error, Webnet 101 can help!

Emergency services are billed at the current emergency rate.

Website Support Services

If you are experiencing problems with your website, or you need someone to help maintain your Joomla website, we can help. We can provide Joomla help and Joomla Support Training Videos. Rates start at $45 per hour and there is a 2 hours minimum. Online help via live chat, phone or both is also available. We use a program that allows you to see our desktop so you can see the training live and ask questions at any time. We utilize a variety of software applications for our Support services and tutorials, Team Viewer and Catasia Studio 8 and Skype just to name a few.





Fix Hacked Websites

There is no worse feeling that opening your website and see that it has been hacked. Many times hackers will place advertisements that can be embarrassing to your company such as Viagra or pornographic material.

Joomla Management can

1) Fix your hacked website,

2) Improve security to prevent a reoccurrence, and

3) Get your site re-evaluated by Google so it does not hurt your search engine ranking.

Minneapolis emergency website technical support available, call now!

Emergency, Night or Weekend Rates: $125/hr

If your website experiences an emergency and you need your tasks completed immediately or you want us to complete you tasks immediately, bumping it ahead of all other design projects, we will work double-time to get it completed! Holiday and holiday weekend rates are $125/hr.

Fill out our questionnaire to receive an estimate. Make sure to fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible and leave additional comments and questions for the most accurate estimate.

Website Maintenance, Repair, Trouble-shooting, Tech. Support & Updates Rates: $75/hr

  • Content updates ($30 for one page)
  • Website remodels
  • Trouble shooting
  • Addition/removal of pages/features
  • Software updates
  • Change website styles
  • Migrate website to new web host
  • Website backup and archiving
  • Email account setup
  • More…
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Looking for the best Joomla web design company? You found it. If you are looking for a professional, high quality, results driven web development team to ensure that your web project is a success, then look no further. Webnet 101's dedicated team of web designers, programmers and marketing professionals work seamlessly to deliver dynamic websites with stunning, functional, and above all - BEAUTIFUL!

* From the client: “Very impressed with vids and shots they are ideal. I will keep in contact for revised shots as necessary.”

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to design packages only. Once you approve a design and ask for further revisions then the Money Back Guarantee becomes void. However you still qualify for 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that we will keep on working on your design until you are satisfied.

We are so confident of our skills and design quality that we provide a Money Back Guarantee in case we fail to deliver. Money Back Guarantee is provided in good faith and we expect our customers to exhibit the same.

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