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Lessons are available online via live chat, phone or both. Want to ask a technical question?

Training and Support

If you are experiencing problems with your website, or you need someone to help maintain your Joomla website, we can help. We can provide Joomla help and Joomla Support Training Videos. Rates start at $45 per hour and there is a 2 hours minimum. Online help via live chat, phone or both is also available. We use a program that allows you to see our desktop so you can see the training live and ask questions at any time. We utilize a variety of software applications for our Support services and tutorials, Team Viewer, Catasia Studio and Skype just to name a few.

In order to have control of your Joomla website it's important to have an understanding of how things work. While there might be some manuals and resources out there, it's sometimes better to simply have a certified Joomla expert that already has been down this path to hold your hand and help you achieve what you are trying to do in less time. Understanding your Joomla website will greatly improve you productivity and reduce you Joomla maintenance and management cost. If you are experiencing problems with your website, or you need someone to help maintain your Joomla website, we can help. We provide Joomla help and Joomla Support Training Videos. Online help via live chat, phone or both is also available. Rates start at $45 per hour and there is a 2 hours minimum.

Joomla Website Training for Beginners

Do you have a Joomla Website already? Or, are you thinking about using the Joomla Content Management System and would like Joomla Website Training before you decide to choose the Joomla Platform? Whatever your reason, Our Joomla instructions are thorough, intuitive and easy to understand. Our Joomla Training can be as basic or in-depth as you need it to be. Whatever your needs are, Webnet 101 Joomla Training Specialists are here to help.

The Internet is so big, so complex with so many ways of doing things it can be very overwhelming. This is where our Internet Training services comes in. What is your need? What do you need to learn that will empower you to produce the results on the web that you need to produce? These are the questions that we are trained in to provide you. Whatever your need, whatever you struggle with, our Internet Training Services will walk you through everything you need to know in the area that is of the greatest importance to you.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or if you know what all these items are yet you cant seem to get anywhere with them; you are in the right place. Pick the training that you need below. If you need training in an area that you don't see, simple contact us so that we can customize a solution for you.

There is an ocean of information available online on how to use Joomla: user manuals, online tutorials, and video tutorials. But there is nothing like a personal training session where you can ask questions on the spot and learn those specific tasks that you know you will be performing on a daily basis. Our Joomla training for beginners include the following:

  • Overview of what you can do with your Joomla website
  • How to create new articles
  • How to edit existing articles
  • How to delete articles
  • How to add links to your articles
  • How to add images
  • How to add PDFs
  • How to add a new main-menu item
  • How to remove a main-menu item
  • How to re-arrange main menu
  • How to enabled and disable various elements on selected pages (boxes on the margins)
  • How to back up your website

If you order a new website via our Goldor Silver package, personal Joomla training will be provided to you as part of the deal.

Intermediate Joomla Training

If you already have a Joomla website but would like to learn how to exploit the full potential of Joomla and enhance your website, our intermediate Joomla training will help you achieve this in the quickest way. The intermediate Joomla training sessions include the following:

  • How to select the right Joomla components, modules, and plugins to add to your site
  • How to install and enable new Joomla components, modules, and plugins
  • How to customize display of the visual elements: background image or color, favicon, fonts, image borders, menu colors, hyperlink appearance, H1 and H2 tags, etc.
  • How to customize .CSS file
  • Most useful free Joomla components, module, and plugins
  • Most useful commercial Joomla components, modules, and plugins
  • Usability best practices
  • Best practices of website design for SEO

Our Joomla training is offered on a one-on-one basis. This allows our clients to derive the maximum benefit of the training session. You can schedule an hour, two-hour or three-hour Joomla training session.

For example, the following is a list of some of the video tutorials we have made for our clients:

→ They developed their own Joomla website, but needed some help customizing the template.
→ They needed help fixing some CSS / HTML / XML display issues in web browsers
→ They started with a Joomla website designer, but that designer had disappeared
→ They needed help moving their Joomla website to another host
→ They needed help installing and configuring Joomla extensions
→ They needed training on how to use Joomla

From A - Z: Here's what you can expect to learn:

→ Add content items
→ Use the editor to decorate your text and insert images
→ Install mambots, components and modules
→ Set module positions
→ Create menus
→ Create sections
→ Create categories
→ Create sub menus and categories
→ Modify/create custom metatags
→ Add, delete, block users
→ Insert Images into content
→ Use Joomla Explorer to FTP
→ Set up email campaigns
→ A complete website site editor to add/edit unlimited pages. Loads of features.
→ Add a Social Media Sharing Website Bar.
→ Create a Web Page
→ Creating and Adding a HTML5 Video
→ Adding a Local Weather Box.
→ Create a Menu via Menu Generator.
→ Create a FaceBook Landing Page.
→ Create a Twitter Box.
→ How to Create a Shadowbox Photo Gallery.
→ How to Create & Update Meta Tags
→ Add QR Code for mobile devices.
→ How to Add Google Analytics to your Pages.
→ How to transfer your document to your web page.
→ Adding images to your web page.
→ How to Create Links to Pages & Images
→ Working with Tables for Column/Section Display
→ How to Add YouTube Videos to your Pages.
→ How to add a Google Map.
→ How to add PayPal buttons to your Pages.
→ Adding flash to your web page.
→ Linking to a PDF File.
→ Adding Podbean Podcast.
→ Utilizing the Image Editor.
→ Resizing Images.
→ Adding Caption Box to Image.
→ Cropping Images.
→ How to Switch Plans
→ How to View & Print Your Invoices
→ How to Create a Professional Build Request
→ Working with your E-mail Accounts.
→ Learn what each of the Page Editor (buttons) do.
→ How to Remove a Page
→ Sitemap Generator
→ and much, much more...

We're here to help you with your website when you need it. We feel ongoing support is important to the success of any website. We don't charge for everyday service and support. Webnet 101 offers 30 days of free changes for every website once it's done. If we make a mistake we'll always fix it free of charge.

Customers often ask us if we'll be there for them after their website is completed and deployed. We've all heard the horror stories of web developers who suddenly vanish or reports of days (or weeks) waiting for returned phone calls or answers to email messages. Support is important and enthusiastic support is a true blessing.

Training and support are free as long as you need it. Unless you are using your administrative dashboard on a daily basis it's easy to forget how to do things. The interface is extremely easy to use, but it's like riding a bike; it maybe take a few minutes before you get your bearings and reacquaint yourself with the tools and how they work. Staff changes mean you have new people who have to come up to speed on your website's management. That's why ongoing service and support is so important.

Our service does not just involve technical training. After your site is launched we'll continue to work with you to maximize the benefit of organic SEO factors built into your site and provide ongoing marketing support - all of these are critical success factors.

At whatever stage you are in the development process, please contact us to discuss your project, we would love to hear from you and to have the opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with you.

E-Learning & Custom Tutorials: $45/hr (minimum 2 hours)

If you need training for using your website or any internet technology or prefer we work from your location, we are happy to help. Travel charges ($20/hr, min. $20) may apply, if you’re more than a 30 minute drive away (according to current drive time on Google Maps).

Search Engine Optimization & SEO Training – $45/hr (minimum 2 hours)

If you need “just a little bit” of SEO, we offer hourly services. While an SEO campaign works best as a complete ground-up and full website service, we understand that at time, you may need “just a little bit.”




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