Migration to Joomla

Migration to Joomla

Webnet 101 is one of the leading Joomla development agencies in Minnesota. Being a Joomla design company we offer various Joomla services to the clients, including advanced portals, eCommerce hubs, corporate and business websites to customers using the Joomla CMS platform. Our Joomla programmers are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the web development industry.

Joomla is considered as one of the best open source content management systems (CMS) available. A Joomla developer can create a complex state-of-the-art website using Joomla ready-to-use third-party extensions and components within a matter of days. You can hire Webnet 101 and our experienced Joomla programmers to meet your web development needs. Review our client testimonials as well as some of or portfolio items to gain a better understanding of our web design experience.

Migrating to Joomla

Webnet 101 Web Design Professionals receives a lot of requests from various organizations and small businesses to convert their old websites developed using HTML or PHP into Joomla. We think it is a very good and wise decision to migrate your site to such a web friendly CMS as Joomla. Though we develop websites using various CMS, most of our clients are happy with Joomla, especially the Joomla admin panel, which is so easy to work with that it makes content management effortless.

Benefits of Migrating to Joomla

There is nothing wrong with having a plain HTML or PHP site without any web content management system if your web presence is small and you don't need to add and manage a lot of content. Your website will be very fast, as the main advantage. However, if you need to manage content, conduct SEO or online lead generation campaigns, sell products or services, having a plain HTML site will require more time and effort to manage. If you are using a web design agency to update your HTML site, your monthly maintenance costs can run very high. You will also need to ask your web designer for assisstance everytime you need to make a small change or addition to your website.

Consider the following advantages of migrating to Joomla:

  • Update your website content on the fly. You can do it from your phone. All you need is access to a browser.
  • No need to know any coding.
  • Type and insert images the same way you do when you write an email
  • Change and rearrange your main menu on the fly, by selecting checkboxes next to the main menu items.
  • Apply your changes to the entire site or selected pages, again by clicking checkboxes.
  • Store images and pull them for display on one or many pages as desired
  • Conduct your SEO on a large scale with minimum effort
  • Backup your site online and save it offline
  • Huge library of extensions, components, templates as well as free Joomla community support

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