Website Design Packages Overview

Website Design Package Overview

01) Once we have settled on a website template, we customize the look and feel of the website by changing the site's color scheme, navigation structure, styles and fonts, and other visual elements - to simulate or create the desired look and feel.

02) We then install and configure into the website various pre-made modules and components to enable the required functionalities (e.g. a registration form, newsletter subscription, e-commerce, polls, comments, etc).

03) Our clients watch the site's development through three stages and at each stage they are invited to provide feedback and make recommendations. Once the website is configured, customized, and launched, you can manage it and add content to it via your browser in a very simple way.

04) Once your Joomla website has been setup, it takes roughly an hour to learn how to add and edit content on your website. The process of creating content is almost identical to the way we create emails in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other web-based email management system. Most of our website design packages include training and support.

05) If none of the website design packages described below captures your needs, we will be happy to create a custom website for you. 

Joomla Website Template Features

  • Attractive designs, highly flexible and scalable, with trendy styles and modern look and feel
  • 2-column & 3-column layouts with plugin/plugout boxes on the margins to accommodate various functionalities
  • Flexible dynamic main menu, expandable or collapsable, adjustable on the fly
  • Beautifully rotating top images for branding and messaging (not Flash, search engine friendly DHTML, safe for mobile devices)
  • Product image galleries
  • Basic SEO (search-engine friendly URIs, Title tag, description & keywords META tags, H1 & H2 tags, image alt tags)
  • User login functionality for restricted content
  • Contact registration form with Google map integration and security protection
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Sitemap
  • Site-wide search
  • Blog with comments posting
  • Newsletter subscription box, together with subscriber list management capability
  • Polls
  • Events calendar
  • RSS feeds
  • Social Media buttons
  • Online backup capability
  • Advanced text editing and formatting capabilities
  • Additional modules & components can be installed on demand (i.e. Google Analytics tracking, e-commerce, PayPal, content rating, etc).

Why You Need to Know about Joomla

Most small business owners are not aware that nowadays even a rather sophisticated website can be built for as little $3000. Most small business owners are not aware of the many advantages delivered by open-source web content management systems (CMS) in general and Joomla in particular. It is important to have some basic understanding of why an open-source CMS like Joomla is so good to have.

Joomla Benefits

  1. Save 70-90% in expenses you would otherwise incur if you get a website without an open-source web CMS or wil get yourself locked into a proprietary CMS
  2. Get your website up and running in a matter of days or weeks, not months
  3. Liberate you from web publishing software (DreamWeaver, etc.) or from having to know HTML, CSS and web design in general
  4. Simplify your website content management down to the process which is 90% similar to the way we use Gmail and Yahoo
  5. Liberate you from using a web designer for every little tweak and minor content updates
  6. It will ensure you have a truly professional website in a full compliance with all modern web design standards and regulations
  7. It will ensure that your website is 100% SEO friendly and that your SEO can be scaled further with the least amount of effort
  8. Additions of new features, such as installing a shopping cart or a newsletter sign-up, can be incorporated on the fly
  9. Moving your website to a new hosting provider is much easier than with commercial CMS's
  10. A complete make-over, with a totally new look and feel, would be a matter of several days of work, not a whole new web design project.

Before content management systems became widely available, every web element or feature needed to be coded indivudally by hand from scratch. This was very time consuming and expensive. With the advent of web content management systems, especially open-source web CMS systems like Joomla, it became possible to use pre-made components, modules and plugins that can be installed out of the box and configured to enable various functions and features. This practically eliminated the need for hand coding and saved 70-90% of development time. And it also enabled people who know nothing about web design to receive instant access to their website content and manage it in a fast and simple way.

Why Joomla?

Joomla is the world's largest and most popular open-source website content management system. The website design becomes a joy when you use Joomla. There are many other content management systems, including Drupal and WordPress. We find that Drupal is more suited for technically savvy users whereas WordPress is not as scalable and flexible. Updates to WordPress require changes to the core and as a result, previous components break. It will take WordPress a few more years to catch up with Joomla or Drupal.

With 13+ years of development and series of upgrades, Joomla now has the largest support community on the web and the best-quality repository of free and commercial add-on extensions. The design community continues to produce plugins, modules and components as well as highly professional pre-designed websites, called "templates" or "themes" that can be modified and customized to create the desired look with minimum effort.

But above all, Joomla makes it much faster and easier to implement large-scale SEO, which to our clients means faster ROI and less spending. Without SEO, even the most advanced website will not be found by users.

Web Design Strategy for Savvy Business Owners

Business owners with limited budgets for web design do not need to sacrifice quality to get a highly professional and pleasant looking website. With Joomla CMS you get a highly professional, Optimized, scalable, and easy-to-manage website at 75-100% of the cost of a custom design!

  1. Download an open-source free web CMS like Joomla
  2. Source a quality pre-designed template (using highly reputable design houses) and upload this template into Joomla or other open-source CMS (do not get yourself locked into a proprietary CMS)
  3. Customize this template's visual elements, add your own content, logo, images and/or video and other elements - and voila!

You get a highly professional, SEO-proof, scalable, and easy-to-manage website at 80-100% of the cost of a custom design! The problem is... few business owners are aware of this route! 

In fact, we discover on a daily basis that not only small businesses, but medium sized businesses and even technology companies are seldom aware of this opportunity. It is hard to believe, but hardly surprising when you become aware of the surrounding circumstances described in the next section. 

Webnet 101 Website Designs: Value Proposition

We developed what we believe is a phenomenal value proposition for all types of web design projects. Here is what we offer:

  1. Fixed quote. Predictable expenses. Webnet 101 is a web design company that does not bill per hour. We provide our clients with a quote and we never exceed this quote. If we made a mistake with estimating the time required to implement a particular feature, we swallow the consequences. This applies even to our custom website design projects, not only to template customization projects.
  2. High quality designs complete with the world's most loved CMS Joomla. We use high quality website templates provided by the best design houses in the world. We go an extra mile to source the right web template, i.e. a template that would suit your particular business requirements in the best possible way. We make sure we explain to you what is involved in selecting the right web template and what factors you need to consider if in the future you decide to add additional features or change the look and feel.
  3. Live design process with you involved. For both template customization and custom website design projects, we stage a live demo for you and send you a link where you can watch the design of your site in progress. With us, you never get unpleasantly surprised or have to accept something you are not entirely happy with.
  4. Solid SEO from the grounds up. All websites we produce have a 100% search engine friendly design. In addition, we implement basic SEO on all websites of Gold website design and Silver website design packages. You can order additional SEO or large-scale SEO separately, but even if you don't, your website will have a solid SEO infrastructure wired into it from the grounds up, and for some small businesses that alone can be sufficient.  If you order additional SEO, you will benefit from our time-tested SEO methodologies and techniques that have consistently delivered top results for our clients even in very competitive fields. Many web design firms claim to have SEO expertise, but few pass the real test if you take care to subject them to it. Webnet 101, has been doing SEO since 2009.
  5. Personal training and enhanced support. We are a small company and intend to stay small.  When we provide hands-on training and support, which are always included in the fixed total, we do not bill you for every additional 15-30 minutes or every additional email outside the scope of our agreement. During our initial consultation we discus every aspect of the web design process, answer every question may have reguarding the build, then when we are both confident you understand the process we schedule a training session which is typically 2 hours long, but if you need more time Webnet 101 can provide more at $45 per hour. In addition, you will receive free support for the first 4 weeks after your website is launched live.

Website Design Packages for Various Budgets

You will get a great website even if a custom-designed website does not fit your budget. In fact, the end result can be much better than many "custom" websites we come across nowadays. We use website templates provided by the most reputable design houses in the world. There are many free and commercial Joomla templates. But there is a huge difference in quality between them which may not be immediately apparent. We will recommend the best web templates to you.

Please take a few minutes to review our web design packages:

When we customize the look and feel of the selected template, we change the color scheme, navigation structure, fonts, and other visual elements - to simulate or create the desired look. We then install and configure into the website various pre-made modules and components to enable the functionalities you require, such as a registration form, newsletter subscription, eCommerce shopping cart, polls, forum, user comments, photo galleries, etc.

Our clients watch the site's development through the different stages of the build, and at each stage they are invited to provide feedback and make recommendations. Once the website is launched, we provide training to you on how to manage it and add content to it at no additional charge. Please download our web design questionnaire to find out what type of information we will need from you to start working on your website.

Let us show you HOW to get the most from your website marketing dollars! 

Standard Website Design Package

Who is managing your online reputation? Your web site should be command central for your marketing efforts. If you are looking for a professional, high quality, results driven web development team to ensure that your web project is a success, then look no further. Webnet 101's dedicated team of web designers, programmers and marketing professionals work seamlessly to deliver dynamic websites with stunning graphic art, that are functional, practical, and above all - BEAUTIFUL!

Consumers associate great design with credibility and are loyal to brands with great design. Design makes an emotional connection with your audience. Our goal in any project is to create an identifiable look for your company that creates a strong feeling of attraction between your customers and your brand. Website design is our passion. We have more than 7 years of experience in designing sites. Our expertise is in creating a functional, user-friendly site that attracts customers.

A professionally-designed website by Webnet 101 is the most effective way to attract and retain customers in today’s Internet-driven world. It’s a fact that most people do online research before they do business with a company. A compelling, easy-to-use website clearly communicates who your company is, and the products and services you offer. Webnet 101 websites are custom-built based on your distinct business needs, using the latest technologies and industry trends. We also offer search engine optimization (so your online customers can easily find you), as well as web development, mobile website design and development, and web hosting. When you invest in your website, you’re investing in your company’s future. Contact Webnet 101 today to find out how we can strengthen your online presence!

A custom CMS design will be tailored using your corporate identity and infusing that with compelling content that will have prospects and customers coming back for more. If you're looking for something beyond the normal static pages you see on most sites, this package will allow you to instantly push our press releases, update your Blog, keep folks current on company events, showcase your product & services information, portfolios, photos and much, much more!

  1. FREE consultation meeting to review your current brand, corporate identity and messaging
  2. Design and implementation of your existing brand
  3. Creation of your navigation, layout and desired pages. Examples of this could include:
    • Home page containing your branding along with compelling "calls to action"
    • Contact Us page including a submission form and all relevant contact information along with staff information
    • Products & Services page to show examples as well as pricing on your products/services
    • Portfolio page to show past jobs, pictures, descriptions and external links
    • Calendaring and Events page
    • Press Releases and recent news
    • Blog
    • Testimonials
    • Administration login for your staff to manage the site content
    • Manage all the above pages, photos, keywords, titles and content
    • Security and encryption used to keep out unwanted guests
    • Includes the "Search Engine Optimization Package"
    • Optional "Premium Website Hosting" (not included in price).

Get Started Today!

It’s simple! First complete the consultation request form or Call for a Web Design Estimate. One of our website design experts will call you to answer any questions you may have.

What you will need to provide.

  • Content for each page of your website. Ideally you want about 4 or 5 paragraphs per page from an SEO (search engine optimization) point of view.
  • A copy of your logo. Preferably as an .tiff .giff or .png file. If you don’t have that then send us whatever you have and we will let you know if we can use it. If you need a logo design we would be happy to help you.
  • Any photographs that you want to use on the site. If you don’t have your own images you can always find some reasonably priced images over at or

* Note: All plans come with an online site editor to edit or add unlimited pages to your site. If you require professional web design services upon updating your site month to month, plans Standard to Deluxe allow for additional savings in professional services.

** Some of the websites we design require custom prices because they have requirements that are not included in our basic packages.

Note: We require a 50% deposit for all website work. The final 50% is due upon our completion of the work. prepriced Web Design packages.

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About Us

Looking for the best Joomla web design company? You found it. If you are looking for a professional, high quality, results driven web development team to ensure that your web project is a success, then look no further. Webnet 101's dedicated team of web designers, programmers and marketing professionals work seamlessly to deliver dynamic websites with stunning, functional, and above all - BEAUTIFUL!

* From the client: “Very impressed with vids and shots they are ideal. I will keep in contact for revised shots as necessary.”

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies to design packages only. Once you approve a design and ask for further revisions then the Money Back Guarantee becomes void. However you still qualify for 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that we will keep on working on your design until you are satisfied.

We are so confident of our skills and design quality that we provide a Money Back Guarantee in case we fail to deliver. Money Back Guarantee is provided in good faith and we expect our customers to exhibit the same.

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